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Kiremba Farmers Cooperative Society was established in 1975 under the Akuisi Farmers Company Ltd. Kiremba FCS has around 250 members who produce around 285 tonnes of cherries annually.The farmers benefit from deep red soils, rich in organic mater. The ripening of the cherry is closely monitored and when

the time is right the red cherry is hand picked into buckets early in the morning and carried to the wet mill. Cherries are then sorted and processed through a pulping station before fermenting in tanks overnight. The coffee is then washed and sorted again before being left to dry on raised beds. A classic Kenyan flavour profile, expect bright, vibrant fruit notes, high acidity and clean mouthfeel.


Region: Nakaru County

Altitude: 1600-1700 MASL

Varietal: SL28, SL34

Process: Washed Process