*Limited Edition* Tutti Frutti Pour Over Kit

Limited Edition Filter Kit

What’s in the kit?

1 x Hario 2-Cup Ceramic Brewer

1 x Hario 02 Glass Server

1 x 500g Tutti Frutti Filter Blend


Tutti Frutti Filter Blend


Kenya, Kiremba, Nakaru County

Region- Rongai Village, Nakuru County
Altitude – 1600-1700 MASL
Varietal – SL28, SL34
Process – Washed and dried on raised beds

Ethiopia, Emam Abamecha Jimmah

Region- Oromia, Jimmah Zone
Altitude – 1970-2100 MASL
Varietal – 74165
Process – Natural

Watermelon, Pineapple, Blackberry, Peach



The Frutti Tutti limited edition filter blend is the perfect addition to your summer coffee collection.  Specifically designed with cold brew in mind, this combination of Ethiopia and Kenya is an exceptionally refreshing drop for those hot Summer days.
The Ethiopian, Jimmah offers a base flavour of round sweetness, soft fruit and delicate florals.  Combining it with the Kenya, Kiremba, which has bright acidity and complex citrus, creates an overall flavour profile much like a fruit salad.  The Tutti Frutti blend comprises notes of watermelon, pineapple, peach and blackberry.

Instructions for your pour over:


  1. Boil fresh water in a gooseneck kettle. If using a Brewista Electric kettle, set the temperature at 98oC.
  2. Fold the hem of the paper lter back on itself to create a perfect cone. Place it in the pour over cone and rinse the lter with hot water so it is totally wet and translucent.
  3. Pour 32g of freshly ground lter coffee into the cone to create a at even bed
  4. Start timer, add 100g of water
  5. At 30 seconds, add 180g (280g total) of hot water to thecoffee bed, pouring slowly from the kettle in a circular motion. Once all the water has been added, stir around the edge of the slurry with a spoon in a swift circular motion in order to create a vortex. This will draw the remaining water through the coffee bed and incorporate any dry grinds.
  6. Then, at 1:30, add 150g (430g total) more water in a slow circular motion
  7. Then, at 2:30, add 70g of water to bring your total brew to 500g and stir edge once more
  8. Aim for a brew time of 3:30.