*Reserve List* Brazil, Alma Di Monti Premier Cru B66 Microlot

*Reserve List* Brazil, Alma Di Monti Premier Cru B66 Microlot

Sparkling yellow peach, stewed plum, red currant, creamy macadamia

Fazenda Rio Verde Fazenda Rio Verde is a real fauna and flora sanctuary with its 773 hectares covered by natural forests, 52 catalogued water springs and a complex biome that represents the beauty of the Mantiqueira Mountains highlands. The Mantiqueira mountains (in tupi guarani native language, "crying mountain") is a mountain range in the Southeast of Brazil, with parts in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

Among its 69 Terroirs of Fazenda Rio Verde, the best 32 microlots are chosen to be part of the Premier Cru. The varieties in these microlots are only Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon and Red Acaia with minimum altitude of 1,000 metres.

The B66 Microlot was selectively hand picked and processed by ananaerobic fermentation method for 154 hours. It was then patiodired for 31 hours before being moved to vertical dryers for a further 138 hours. This microlot has been named ‘White Grapes’ because of the distinct flavour profile that it presents. The flavour profile begins with vibrant notes of sparkling yellow peach and white grape sweetness. You will then experience notes of velvety stewed plum, tangy red currant and a creamy macadamia finish that leaves a smooth and buttery mouthfeel.

Origin: Brazil

Region: Serra da Mantiqueira, Minas Gerias

Farm: Fazenda Rio Verde

Altitude: 1200 MASL

Varietal: Yellow Bourbon

Process: Anaerobic Natural

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