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Inglewood coffee cart

Inglewood coffee cart

At Inglewood Coffee, we’re always dreaming up new ways to bring you the best coffee in the biz, all the way from soil to sip.

This time - we’ll come to you!

Inglewood Events launches with its exclusive mobile Coffee Cart, ready to fuel-up and launch your next event. Primed with hand-roasted specialty coffee, the finest range of milks on offer and staffed only by professional baristas, we provide a full-service experience to your guests.

To make it truly memorable, we also offer custom branding options. Cart panel customisation and takeaway cup print designs present a unique opportunity for promotion. We’re committed to representing you and we pride ourselves on making sure we best fit your needs.

Size doesn’t matter to us, so whether you’re hosting at the MCG Grand Final or your own backyard, Inglewood Events will be there to provide impeccable service - and an unbeatable cup of coffee.

Tell us about your event. Can’t wait? Give us a call (03) 9354 5559

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