Brewing Coffee Using A Stove Top / Moka Pot / Bialetti

Brewing Coffee Using A Stove Top / Moka Pot / Bialetti

The Bialetti uses simple technologies to extract classic Italian style espresso. The steps below will help in producing a coffee that accentuates sweetness and body while still staying true to that classic italian espresso.

What you’ll need:

  • Bialetti
  • 12g freshly ground espresso (consistency of fine sand)
  • Cold water
  • Stirring spoon

See below for our step by step guide for brewing coffee with a Bialetti (serves 2 people)

  1. Fill the water reservoir with cold water. Be sure to not fill past the safety valve.
  2. Freshly grind 12g of coffee to fill the filter on a fine coarseness. Place coffee in filter being careful not to overfill and groom with fingers.
  3. Place filter on reservoir and screw on lid.
  4. Place on the stove over a medium heat and open the lid to watch for espresso.
  5. Once you hear a hissing sound remove from heat and serve.
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