El Salvador, Finca El Gobiado

El Salvador, Finca El Gobiado

Winey, blueberry tart, milk chocolate, lactic acidity, stewed currant

El Gobiado is a 13 hectare farm located in the Apaneca Illametepec mountain range region of El Salvador. There are 38,000 coffee trees planted, from various varieties of Bourbon and Pacas. The coffee at El Gobiado is picked ripe, dry fermented, and then put to dry on raised beds for 25 -28 days.

Known as “the land of volcanoes,” El Salvador is the smallest Central American country, but its reputation among specialty-coffee-growing regions has grown larger-than-life, especially since the early 2000s. It is often said that the Cup of Excellence competition, which came to El Salvador in 2003, was the beginning of the new “wave” of interest in Salvadoran coffee, shining the first light on some of the special varieties the small country grows.

Origin: El Salvador

Region: Apaneca, Illamatapec Mountain Range, Ahuachapan

Farm: Finca El Gobiado

Producer: The Alfaro Family

Altitude: 1333-1500 MASL

Varietal: Pacas, Bourbon

Process: Natural

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