Tanzania, Finagro AA

Tanzania, Finagro AA

Citrus, cherry blossom, stewed fruit


This lot is produced by the team at Finagro (Edelweiss Coffee Estate), Tanzania. It is an AA lot that is carefully and methodically processed by being bag fermented for a day, then pulped and dry fermented in open tanks for 48 hours.

The coffee is then washed, shade dried for 3 days, then sun dried in intervals of full sun and shade for 7-10 days to achieve 11% moisture content.

At Finagro, love for land, community, and African wildlife is the driver. They preserve and manage the stunning landscape for future generations, coexisting with elephants and buffalo.

In the cup you will find juicy rockmelon and notes of citrus and caramel.


Origin: Tanzania

Region: Ngorongoro

Producer: Eselweiss Estate

Altitude: 1650-1800 MASL

Varietal: N39, Kent

Process: Washed

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